SimCity BuildIt Tips and Cheats.

Spend to gain is a term frequently connected with games that were made to simply force individuals into paying for development. Even though SimCity BuildIt absolutely falls into this group it is usable without using real money. Getting around paying for a game is something that I actually find fun. With Simcity Buildit Hack you can do this in one of two ways; enhance your layout, or use a bug that basically allows you to get unlimited money at the start of the game.


An alternate option would simply be to setup different accounts in order to trade parts and sources with yourself or even give yourself money. No matter from how you play the game, you’ll want to go with whichever is the most fun for you. For that reason I’m going to start with my “no cheating” suggestions for winning this game which can be helpful even if you choose to go the money path.

Don’t worry about where the houses are maded in this picture as these will need to be moved around through the game to increase the territory of your fire, police, and health facilities. The roads are a big part of this setup. Notice how there are no vertical roads at all. Preventing vertical roads will limit the amount of traffic that the game thinks you have by eliminating stop lights.

Use cheap and dirty buildings and place them away from your Sims. You won’t be able to splurge on clean energy, recycling, or anything else at. If you do, you’ll regret it when it comes time to service your area with fire, police, and health buildings.

Speaking of houses don’t worry, at least at first, about overextending yourself. Instead, be willing to bulldoze houses later on as necessary.

As you develop through the first couple of levels start setting up your shops like this. Putting your shops nearer to your “offensive to Sims” buildings means you’re using your space more effectively and that you’ll occasionally get more blue bubbles. More blue bubbles means you’ll get more specialty parts for increasing your storage and expanding your city beyond the initial border.

  • Keep The Economy Simple At:

You’ll carry on to do this as you’re able to purchase more shops. That being said, don’t focus on purchasing too many shops at. The economy of the game itself gets very complicated; however, since you’re able to click the construction hat button and “request new plans” you can get different materials that take less time to build. Overall, building with materials that take a lot of time is not worth it early on.

  • Nails and Planks Only

A good illustration of this is nails vs planks. Nails take only 5 minutes to build while planks take 30 minutes. As you continue to level the items you build will continue to consume more time. That being said continuously refreshing the sources buildings take can save you a lot of time. Keep expanding, building, and then destroying houses as necessary. This will allow you to get the Simoleons you need while not focusing simply on expansion.

  • Building Lavish Homes in SimCity BuildIt

The houses that you can build will be standard and maybe even premium homes. In the end, you’ll want luxurious homes because wealthy Sims are charged more taxes. You can see your city’s wealth forecast by clicking on the residential buildings house button and then clicking the construction hat on that page. Land value can also be measured here by clicking the bar graph.
When updating your houses try to move them to your richest areas. Standard and prime buildings that you don’t want to be damaged should be moved from the wealthiest part of your city to allow more luxurious homes to be built– thus increasing your overall tax rate and boosting the look of your city.

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