Cab from Bangkok to Pattaya.

I walked around to the Meeting Point sign to await my raise and so had formed a car for a Bangkok to Pattaya.

Bangkok Airport meeting point sign
But if you need to take a cab to Pattaya instead and arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, then you certainly can certainly go to the taxi stand on the lower amount.

The taxi fare to Pattaya will be around 1200-1400 Baht. This is supposed to be inclusive of the cost’s, which are around 100 Baht.

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Hint: Continue walking out of the international arrivals area where you’ll be approached by taxi touts and go over to the where the national passengers arrive. Let them make an offer of a cost and approach you.

In the event you get an offer in the range 900 1000 Baht for the trip from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya then you need to accept it probably, otherwise just keep walking.

Using the recent escalation in fuel costs, it’s probably not too likely, although I’ve learned it is possible to get the price of a cab from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya as low as 800 Baht.

But it’s likely in case you possess time to haggle to get the taxi fare to Pattaya somewhat less expensive about the first quotation.

Cab from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya

My private cab from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya was somewhat delayed as a result of makeup problem rather than simply stand about and wait under the Suvarnabhumi Airport Meeting Point sign, and I took down the escalator to the lower level of the Bangkok Airport building.

Bangkok Airport public cab to Pattaya
I liked to shoot the line of Bangkok cabs along with some pictures of the taxi stand to help other travelers that visit my website.

Even at that early hour of the day, it was rather warm, as I left the building pulling my bag behind me, as well as the humidity assaulted me.

At this time in the early hours, there were just several passengers waiting to take a taxi Bangkok to Pattaya, and it was quiet.

Some the individuals were also going from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya, and some were going straight to Bangkok.

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Bangkok Airport cab sign
This lower level place is, also, the place to come if you’re a smoker.

If you’d like to smoke after an extended flight at Suvarnabhumi Airport, then there are a few places designated for smokers in this outdoor level on the ground floor after you have cleared immigration.

After an extended flight, you have some time and can also be starving.

If so, then down the ending of the amount is the Magic Food Point. This is actually where all the airport workers come to eat, so it’s not pricey.

You are going to notice the spot to stand to get a cab, and there’s a helper in the front of every line, who can check your resort address and tell the driver your destination with great English.

Now there weren’t many passengers, but at other times I’ve observed desks and every one of the aisles inhabited and individuals queuing way back.

If you ever have to take the Bangkok Airport bus to Pattaya afterward only farther along on this particular amount at Gate No. 8 is where you purchase the bus fare for the 389 Airport or Bells Travel Service to Pattaya.

Suvarnabhumi Airport taxi rank
After shooting several pictures of the cabs and also the taxi stands and roaming around outside, I went back up the escalators to the Meeting Point sign on into the building and waited for my car.

We took the escalator up to the parking, and soon later, my welcoming party turned up, loaded my bag into the vehicle and set off to visit the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, at Wong Amat Beach.

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